How to create a memorable logo

We’re Sharing The Secrets To Creating Memorable Logos

Logos. Who needs ‘em? You do. But they’re everywhere. I mean, they’re colourful, and they’re powerful but how is anyone going to recognise my business in an ocean of logos that often don’t make a lot of sense in any case? They may not make a lot of sense but they’re unforgettable, aren’t they? And that is exactly what the logic of this valuable exercise is all about. Memorability. Creating memorable logos is a combination of clever colour choice, relevancy to your business and identity. So where should you start?

Brand Identity

What you do may not be unique but who you are is inarguably unique. With your point of view in all you do, and in where your passions lie, this is where you begin. Regardless that you may be running a generic business that is certainly not unique due to its broad emphasis on commonality, how you present it to your customers is your gateway to accomplishment and attaining a loyal following. To make this process simpler, ask yourself how you define your brand. In other words, who are you? Your business reflects the elements that make you, you. What are two words that reflect you, your business and what you want to achieve accurately? Once you have them, you’re on your way. For example. You might offer your services as a life coach. Do you empower people; offer encouragement and hope, support and improvement? As a financial advisor, you’re offering financial improvement, abundant mindset and or budget sense. Brainstorm, write down your words then slowly go through the processes of elimination until you’ve arrived at the two words that inspire you.

Colour Behaviour

If emotions could be viewed in various hues you’d probably find a lot of reds, blues, pinks, yellows, greens, purples, golds and oranges are generated. Yellow, however, is the colour the human mind understands thus the eyes notice first. Then comes orange, being the central character between the yellow and the passion of red. Red is bold and commands attention while pink is gender specific and purple is the cousin of the primary colour blue. Blue is somber. Black is Authoritative.

  • Red is a powerful attention chaser. Once captured, it has the ability to stir emotion and hold the visitor to a page. However, overdoing it with too much red will chase away your customers.
  • Blue is trust. It is cool and unhurried. As a primary colour, blue lends itself to expansion and mixed with supporting colours will often offer the best results.
  • Yellow spells confidence. It is also a very powerful colour that commands the attention of your audience but also lets them know you’re capable of what you do.
  • Green is inviting, healthy, environmentally friendly and sends out a message of goodwill. It is also the main colour of many global currencies and reminds the subconscious mind of wealth.
  • Purple is royalty, elegance, and prestige and spreads a message of refinement. Purple is class, grace, and refinement. Not to be used haphazardly.
  • Gold is also aristocratic but with its reputation, holds more powerful energy than purple. With an element of power no other colour can surpass, gold is the epitome of heritage.
  • Orange is just full-throated fun. It oozes energy, seizes attention in a very subtle way and is a comfortable colour that makes visitors feel relaxed in the knowledge they’re dealing with a reputable business.
  • Black is easy to choose. It is also classically elegant and balanced with white can express dominance and authority. Go easy though, too much can send a message of emptiness.

Understanding the messages behind colours can increase your understanding of how colours affect people’s emotions and how far reaching their connection to colours can be. Colours spell the effectiveness of your business’ branding methods. Know also that people generally make a subconscious judgement about a product within 90 seconds of viewing it, so you need also to understand they make that judgement purely on colour alone.

Logo Simplicity

Again, it cannot be impressed upon enough, less is more. Enter the mind of a child and design from that point of view. Leave out the frills. When you’re done, your logo should be dispassionately edited. Forget the gorgeous hues the rainbow makes on your logo unless your business delivers rainbows door to door. Now, erase, erase, erase. Keep honing until you’ve got the power and the clarity of simplicity. Simplicity Is Impact. It Needs No Assistance. When you play with white space, you’re creating a puzzle. The human mind cannot help but try to figure out what’s behind the white space as it’s complimentary colours are introduced. White space is as valuable as any colour. When you allow a single letter or symbol to seemingly protrude, see for yourself how bold an impact it can make on the entire design, and how long you linger while figuring out what you see. Conclusion, If your logo never fails to deliver a pleasurable experience consistently, you’ve got yourself a winner. On the other hand, if your design is a constant reminder of a flat experience, your logo may be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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